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Overwhelmed Preparing Your Short Term Rentals?

From picking out the perfect location to legal requirements, setting up a short-term rentals “AIRBNB” or “VRBO” is a daunting task. The design, layout, materials, and amenities can make or break your reviews and your business! From the sheets to the kitchen, everything must be chosen with care. Our experienced stagers handle purchasing, styling, and logistics right down to the forks in the drawers on each custom short- term rental set-up! Our service packages offer a fit for every budget.

Creating an STR is a massive undertaking. While you are focusing on the business back end, we are designing, shopping, meeting delivery drivers, unboxing, assembling, and adding all the special personal touches.


  • Turn-Key & ready for guests next day
  • Professional designs with a custom look
  • Insta-worthy designs
  • Elevate your booking and become the “rare find”


Bronze Package– “The Basics” key furniture pieces & delivery. Includes design, ordering, and delivery.

Silver Package– “Ready to Book” bronze package plus full kitchen set-up, full bathroom set-up, all linens, furniture assembly, and placement of items. You are ready to start booking guests.

Gold Package– “Super-Host” Our attention to detail with extras that WOW guests! Stellar reviews are the goal with pampering amenities that immerse guests in their experience.

Platinum Package– Gold Plus

digital and hard copies of your custom host book, includes local flair, professional photographer, and arrangements with local businesses for a host gift.

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