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Set up for success with an occupied staging consultation

Come back to a photo ready, showcased listing!

Create your perfect first impression…

Selling a house is a complex, time-consuming task. Especially when the sellers are residing in the home because it leads to stress and an overwhelming feeling. You can solve that problem!

Occupied staging guides homeowners in preparing their home for sale by showcasing its best features while creating an appealing, welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers. Infinite Home Design transforms the seller’s mindset from their personal home to a marketable commodity.

Increase foot traffic, offers and create that perfect first impression! Reduce homeowners stress with a clear path for increases leads, exhibits faster sales and higher selling prices.

Occupied Staging Consultation

2-hour room-by-room walk-through. By the end of our visit, homeowners transformed from overwhelmed to a marketing mindset!

Home Staging Living Room

Key elements of occupied home staging include:

Kitchen Living Room Airbnb

Decluttering and organizing

Our team guides homeowners in the removal of excess clutter & personal items for a clean, open, and inviting space.


We assist homeowners in removing personal touches and decor that may not appeal to all buyers, including items that may distract from the home’s features.

Enhancing the home’s best features

Our stagers teach homeowners how to highlight the home’s best features, such as natural light, fireplaces, adding or removing items, or even small repairs.

Adding Finishing Touches

Infinite Home Design may recommend neutral and/or on-trend personal touches to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere geared toward a soothing palate for all potential buyers

Add-On Packages:

Accessory Staging: Furnishing & accessory packages are available.

Showcase Staging: Come home ready for photos!



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