Creating coffee table décor is no easy task. Adding a collection that is visually appealing is as daunting as keeping everyone’s feet on the floor. Not only is it possible to have a beautiful coffee table that is functional, but also user friendly. Let’s tackle the pretty part first, after all, it is the most fun!

These three simple steps teach you how to become your own styling extraordinaire. 



Strive for three elevations in your design. Creating different height levels adds an element of sophistication and beauty that draws the eye in. In this photo, Infinite Home Design combines those aspects with a tall plant, a large book with an eye-catching sculpture placed on top, and a touch of greenery for contrast in height and a pop of color. Think of it as a cohesive set of steps to climb! 

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Texture is based on how a surface feels with notable raised components. Having different textured pieces is important when decorating your coffee table. Transform a flat and dull coffee table to one rich in texture and unique shapes through plants, vases, or sculptures.  

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Believe it or not, we have an engrained comfort system built within us. Our subconscious level of comfort for decor groupings wants 1, 3, or 5 items together to feel balanced. Sorry to all of you even-numbered folks, this is strictly an odd person territory (no pun). This rule of odd-numbered sets also applies to items of different height levels. Three in a group is the most common and easy starting point for your design.

Our recommendations to start with are a collection of three items such as:

  • Plant, vase & sphere 
  • Candle in a holder, floral, and a ceramic 
  • Something shiny, white, or a greenery

Keeping the height and texture in mind you are on your way to creating a coffee table that has a fabulous focal point and visual interest.

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