As if the real estate market isn’t competitive enough. When you’ve made the decision to sell your home, that extra needed edge makes it stand out from all the rest. There are three main reasons you need to stage a home for sale. A home stager is an essential piece of the puzzle when selling a home. In fact, staging is an industry of itself within the real estate business. Certified staging companies are readily available to increase the value of your home and do the work for you!

Why Go To The Trouble of Home Staging?

Because there are so many real estate listings out there, your home is just one of many that home buyers are looking at. It also means that it only takes a few moments on the internet or in your house to decide whether or not they will consider yours. Home staging allows for the best features of your home to be highlighted for all to see.


If that doesn’t get you thinking to consider staging when selling a home, here are 3 advantages of hiring a staging service.

1 – It Makes Your House Look Larger

As hard as it may be to believe, the visual of a room that is furnished is a room that has well, some room. When properly staged, buyers can see how many pieces of furniture can fit into the space.  This starts the process of viewing their own furnishings and envisioning living in their future home. Empty rooms tend to look smaller so if you think selling a vacant home will be easy, it is the very opposite. Buyers also tend to focus on issues with the spaces when left vacant.


2 – It Creates An Amazing First Impression

Your staged home is made to have a high-end feel and look its very best. It is sort of what you were trying to achieve when you wore your best clothes for a first date or a job interview. With home staging, that is precisely what you are trying to do. You want your house to give off the best possible first impression and when it looks fresh, modern and immaculate, you score that particular goal with ease.


3 – Increases Your Asking Price

When your home looks its absolute best, you can actually justify a higher price. Home buyers will recognize the added value when they see stunning visuals throughout your home. In a way, your price may appear to be more in line with how the home looks. That is to say, a home that does not appear to require some extra work is viewed as well-maintained and offer more value to home buyer.


Need Some Additional Proof That Home Staging Works?

Any top producing real estate agent will tell you, houses listed with a home stager tends to sell 73% quicker. If your goal is to sell fast and move on to your dream home, home staging helps you with that plan. Ultimately, your home looks great with the help of a professional stager and not much can get in the way of a fast successful sale.

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