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“I have worked with Infinite Home Design on several staging projects in the past year. The owner exhibits high professionalism. She finishes the work in a timely manner while paying close attention to even the smallest details. Her organizational skills, combined with a heightened sense of what appeals to buyers, yield amazing results. She is in tune with the current market trends, and her stages usually sell over the asking price within very short periods of time. I would recommend Infinite Home Design to anyone who is in the market to sell.”

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“Infinite Home Design owner and the team did a fabulous job in staging our home for sale, and we would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Tamatha W has a keen insight in design, color, placement of furniture, and overall buyer appeal. She provided valuable recommendations that made a true difference. The house went under contract in one day. We are so appreciative of her and her team’s efforts. We wish them much success.” 

Antonio Caporale

“Tamatha did a beautiful job putting furniture and accessories into our home, which was already vacant when she came to do an assessment and give us an estimate. She made quite a few suggestions for a “facelift” and we followed most of them. Then she and her team brought the house to life- it was a significant financial outlay but brought results. The house was under contract 5 weeks later, after having had no luck previously for several months. Our excellent realtor had recommended Tamatha, and I would agree that the staging was worth the cost.”

Betsy Phelan


“The Infinite Home Design team did an amazing job staging our home for sale. They thought about the scale of furniture, and coloring and gave excellent texture to each room. We listed our home and were under contract in only a week. We think Infinite helped us do that. Thank you!”

Michele Hagerty


“If you want an excellent home stager, hire Tamatha!! She showed up on time, went thru our entire house, and gave us excellent suggestions on how to improve our home, which was on the market to be sold already. I wish I had hired her prior to listing the house for sale. Once we take care of the last two things on the list, I am positive that it will sell and quickly. Do yourself a favor and hire her first, implement her suggestions and then put the house up for sale. You’ll be glad you did!! PS.. She’s an awesome person to work with.”



“Infinite Home designs really made a difference in my home. My house had been listed 2 times prior with no offers. They redesigned my layout and gave me some great ideas. What a difference. I finally got an offer!”

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“I was beyond impressed by Tamatha during our meeting with my contractor to talk about how to update an investment property on a tight budget. Her knowledge extends to all aspects of renovating, design, trends, materials, and how to manage the overall process. She quickly put us on track, gave us the information we weren’t getting anywhere else, and saved us a lot of money and time! She continues to check in with me… a true partner whose expertise I’ll be relying on for years to come.”

Lara Zier

“Wow, Tamatha you are a rare talent! I should have hired you years ago. I feel like I’ve been on a fun episode of HGTV with you! You’ve completely changed every room in my house and it feels like a completely different place! If you’ve been thinking about hiring a stager, call Tamatha now. She’s very easy to work with and gets it!”

Christine Fitzgerald


“We received 3 contracts with deposits within a 24-hour period and closed within 28 days. W O W !!!!!!! Tamatha takes her work seriously and sure does deliver. Worth every bit of what we paid, and I wouldn’t do it any differently on any other property. You are welcome to ask Tamatha for my number, and I can tell you personally of my very positive experience.”

Glenn R.



“Infinite Home Design did an excellent job of staging my home for sale. They made the house look beautiful and move-in ready. Tamatha is creative and energetic. Her design ideas were right on point. The real testament is how quickly our house sold in just one week. Tamatha is a true professional and a great asset to have on your team.”


Karin Chellstorp



“Tamatha gave us thoughtful guidance in staging our house and preparing it for sale. She walked through every single room and assessed it in detail. Her guidance was gentle and well-meaning without feeling critical in any way. We followed through on all the tips given to us, and the results were highly effective.” 


Arindham Guha